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Nepal Rafting Trips


Nepal Rafting Trips

Hand-Crafted to Perfection

The Himalayan mountains create some of the world's most powerful rivers and, consequently, some of the best whitewater rafting experiences in the world.

We incorporate rafting into many of our Multi-Activity Adventures as well as some of our Family Holidays too. These vary from day excursions to some fairly remote mini-expeditions.

  • All our rafting expeditions are with a fully qualified, experienced guide. Wetsuits and safety equipment (a life jacket and safety helmet) are provided, along with a safety kayaker too. Not only is the water wild, but our expeditions are quite a wilderness experience too. Most rivers necessitate that you camp on the river bank or close to the river, and so we provide all the necessary camping gear and equipment (except sleeping bags and camping mats) along with a cook. All you really need to do is eat, sleep, and paddle! On these expeditions, what you need with you for the trip is carried by raft in dry bags. In fact, for the majority of the time during the course of one of our rafting holidays, you're usually entirely self-sufficient with what is being carried in the raft. Now that's what we call Himalayan expedition rafting!

    The gradings for each of the rivers reflect the times when the waters are at their highest levels and would be considered navigable. Indeed, the monsoon season is an interesting time for rafting as the rivers are swollen by the monsoon rains and raging torrents. Although sometimes too much water makes the rivers unnavigable and beyond dangerous.


Trisuli & Kali Gandaki

Grade 4+: After a 2-day introduction on the straightforward Trisuli River, everything gets wilder as you take on the lively Kali Gandaki River. Three days of exhilarating rafting follow, camping wild along the way. A true, spectacular wilderness rafting mini-expedition experience.


Sun Koshi

Grade 4+/5: One of the top ten whitewater rafting rivers in the world and a genuinely adventurous expedition. The Sun Koshi becomes more powerful with progression. Wild camps along the way, changing landscapes, and friendly locals all add to the experience. A 10-kilometre finale of 4+ rapids ensures this adventure ends on a high!


Trisuli & Seti

Grade 3/4: Enjoy the fun on the Trisuli, Nepal's most popular rafting river, before taking a mini-expedition journey down the mostly gentle Seti River and through this isolated river gorge with its jungle-clad slopes. Atmospheric, with a few thrills along the way and plenty of calmer water paddling too.


Karnali (Bardia Option)

Grade 5: Probably the ultimate Himalayan rafting adventure. The remote Karnali has a fearsome reputation. In the far west of Nepal, this difficult-to-reach river and its true expedition nature make it the domain of only the serious and adventurous rafter. There's also the option of paying a visit to Bardia National Park.

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