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About Us


About Us

Our Team

We've been around since 1999, initially as a Destination Management Company for the travel trade, providing services to International Tour Operators (which we still do!). Although we all go back even further!

Our team is both knowledgeable and experienced.

Those three 'characters' below have over 100 years of combined travel industry experience between them!

In travel, the only way to gain knowledge and experience is by doing it yourself, "in the field", the hard way.

But, above all, we're also nice people and take great pride in providing a friendly and informal service to our discerning clients.


Our Guides

To be a professional guide with Snow Cat Travel isn’t easy. We only choose the very best for our clients. All Snow Cat Travel guides are both professionally qualified and licensed by the Government of Nepal. But there's a lot more to becoming a qualified Nepal Guide. Not only do we hand-pick Snow Cat Travel guides based on qualifications alone, guides are selected only with proven knowledge and experience criteria, but more than that, we look for personality too—a friendly nature with a “can-do” attitude. And yes, being able to speak English.

Find out what it takes to become a professional guide in Nepal and meet some of our amazing Snow Cat Travel guides too at the link below.

Our Support Crews

The real 'stars' of your trip are our support crews, who are so hardworking, conscientious, and cheerful in enabling our clients to experience Nepal and Bhutan to the utmost.

Invariably, our clients return from their Himalayan treks and adventure journeys full of praise, admiration, and respect for all the Nepalese and Bhutanese people who have ensured their holiday has been both wonderful and memorable. Our friendly, knowledgeable English-speaking guides are both trained and qualified. Their passion and enthusiasm are second-to-none. Of course, the type of support crew you'll have will depend on the itinerary itself.

Certainly you'll meet and get to know more than your guide, whether it be the gentleman who looks after our 'meet and greet' and transfer services for your arrival and departure at Kathmandu Airport, or our courteous drivers, whose high standards, patience, and skills negotiating traffic, potholes, and everything else overland travel in Nepal and Bhutan brings are just incredible. If you're heading into the Himalayas, then it's likely you'll have porters (pack animals, usually in Bhutan) to carry your main baggage. The first-time visitor is often astounded that porters are sometimes women too.

But being a trekking porter is considered a very good job, and our porters are paid a fair wage (in fact, respectable tour operators follow a code of practise for both porter wages and welfare), and the loads they carry are strictly limited to a regulated maximum. If your holiday involves camping, then you'll have additional trek support crew, such as a cook and his assistants, additional porters to carry all the camping gear, and so on. How they manage the whole operation of preparing breakfast (and bed tea, of course), breaking camp and packing up, and then most likely passing you on the trail and having camp set up and ready, welcoming you to camp with refreshments and with supper already on the go, is just mesmerising. That they do all of this seemingly without effort and always with a smile invariably endears them to our clients. Indeed, we actively encourage you to make the effort to get to know our Nepalese and Bhutanese people, who are working as part of your holiday team.


I have just got back from trip with snow cat to Annapurna Base Camp with some friends. We had an amazing time and the guides were excellent.

Charlie D, UK

Support Rural Nepal

It's what we do and who we are

As a Snow Cat Travel customer, a contribution to the Support Rural Nepal project is included in the cost of your holiday.

Don't Forget

We can customise
all our trips to Nepal and Bhutan.

extend. shorten. upgrade


Everything you need to Know

Whether you're a first time visitor or a regular, our handy and illustrated travel guides showcase the beauty and wonders of Nepal and Bhutan, as well as containing lots of useful information too.

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Snow Cat Travel is the brand name of and trading as Rural Heritage Journeys PVT LTD of Nepal with a Head Office in Kathmandu. Our parent company Rural Heritage Nepal owns and operates select boutique, heritage hotels in Nepal such as the Famous Farm at Nuwakot and the Old Inn at Bandipur.
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