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Nepal Family Holidays


Nepal Family Holidays

Hand-Crafted to Perfection

Nepal is great for a family holiday, both for grownups and especially kids. Fun, stimulating, and of great educational value too. Making new friends in Nepal is easy, particularly when you're a child, and the Nepalese kids, who learn English from an early age, are very friendly, welcoming, and curious. 

  • We realise that there's really no such thing as the 'average' family, though. Your family is unique and so fixed that group itineraries are created with an 'average' family in mind. These often suit some families, but not all, and are often a compromise holiday for adults and kids alike.

    You know best what the kids will like and not like, and this is where a tailor-made family holiday to Nepal excels, as it will be designed precisely around your requirements.

    We'll design your Nepal Family Holidays to suit your family, not someone else's. We realise that all families are different and may have more specific needs and desires. As you'll see from the multitude of places to visit, things to do, activities, etc. on our suggested itineraries, there's no shortage of great ideas to include in your own family holiday to Nepal that will keep both kids and teenagers happy.

    Of course, you can also get lots more great ideas from all our other suggested itineraries on the website. A family adventure can be educational too, with many learning experiences along the way. It's not Disneyland, though, and while we believe that travelling in Nepal is suitable for younger children too, we'd suggest that kids aged 7 and upwards will enjoy the fun of travel and cultural encounters more.

    Perhaps the true "Jewel in the Crown" for Nepal isn't the spectacular landscapes.....although of course landscapes don't get much more spectacular than the Himalayas!

    In our opinion it is the people of Nepal that makes any visit to Nepal memorable.

    The Nepalese people are renowned for their friendly nature and meeting the local people and learning about the culture is all part of a the fun of a Nepal Family Vacation.

    Tell us how YOU want YOUR FAMILY to enjoy NEPAL


Rural Heritage of Nepal Tour

Touring only and suitable for both families or just adults. A short Nepal trip for "culture vultures" of all ages Short, but sweet. Very sweet. A gentle tour of the delights of rural Nepal, staying at our very own boutique heritage hotels in the hill village of Nuwakot and the Newari mountain town of Bandipur A great way to discover the real "heart and soul" of Nepal while avoiding the main tourist traps too.


Nepal Family Adventure

Easy / Moderate
Max Altitude
Low Altitude

For active families with younger children, there are plenty of stimulating adventures for active kids with curious minds as you meet the locals in a hill village in Nepal, enjoy a 2-day mini-trek in the Himalayan foothills, have some quality family time together lakeside, and look for tigers in the jungles of Chitwan. Rafting with a stay at a riverside camp is also possible!


Himalayan Teenagers Adventure

Max Altitude

For active families with teenagers, explore the Kathmandu Valley by mountain bike, visiting ornate temples and sacred Buddhist sites. Trek beneath the mega-giant peaks of the Annapurnas, raft on the Seti River, and take a jungle safari too. A fun, varied, and active way to explore Nepal


Nepal Family Discovery

Easy / Moderate
Max Altitude
Low Altitude

For less active families: an unhurried, relaxing cultural journey to discover ancient wonders, rural villages, and incredible Himalayan panoramic views. Visit mediaeval Bhaktapur, tranquil Pokhara Lake, delightful rural Nuwakot village, Himalayan views at Nagarkot, and more. Flexible day walks and exploring opportunities too.


Everest & Tigers Adventure

Moderate / Challenging
Max Altitude

For active families with teenagers: See the mighty Mount Everest and go deep into the jungles of Chitwan in search of Tigers. This holiday combines a short, moderately paced trek in the Everest region up to the Everest View Hotel for an awesome mountain panorama, time in colourful Kathmandu, and a wildlife safari too!

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Nepal is home to a beautiful and varied landscape, a wealth of cultural sights, and a diverse people. Here’s everything you need to know, from the capital of Nepal to visa rules.
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