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Trekking in the Bhutan Himalaya


Trekking in the Bhutan Himalaya

Enjoy our Trekking in Bhutan images. The images used here are intended to provide a general impression of trekking in the Bhutan Himalaya, rather than represent a specific trek. They are, however, largely taken during the course of The Snowman Trek. Many other Bhutanese treks, e.g., Chomolhari and Laya, are actually abridged versions of the full Snowman Trek and in part follow the same route.

Trekking in Bhutan in the Himalaya proper is fully supported by camping only. Find out more about Camping on a Bhutan Trek

All images are copyrighted and may not be used for any other purposes without written permission from the photographer

Many thanks to contributing photographers Steve Razzetti, Alex Treadway and Mark Knowles (Snow Cat Travel)


See an image gallery of sights, people, Dzongs, festivals and more of the wonders of beautiful Bhutan

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With a unique "high value, low volume, minimal impact" approach to tourism, Bhutan remains culturally intact. Find out more about the wonders of Bhutan and what you need to know.
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