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Tailor made Himalayan travel without the price tag

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Snow Cat Travel


Departure Information

e-mail , or call us on +44 15395 67118 to discuss YOUR HIMALAYAN holiday

Incredible Himalayan Adventures by Rural Heritage Journeys of Nepal

From the UK Tel: 01539 567118

Whether you're travelling to Nepal or Bhutan, all Snow Cat Travel holidays are exclusively private

That's right...we arrange tailor-made Nepal holidays and custom Bhutan vacations. Mass market inflexible large group trips and herding our valued clients around like cattle isn't our thing.


Whether you choose an example itinerary "off the shelf", or we customise it to perfection for you, a Snow Cat Travel holiday is exclusively for you and your own party.


We provide private daily* departures at your request.


So, you choose the travel dates that suit you best! Whether it be to fit around work, school holidays or getting someone to look after your dog ...we don't tell you when you can and can't travel.


How cool is that?


Having this flexibility has other benefits too. International flights may well be cheaper at certain periods and on certain days too.


Whilst both Nepal and Bhutan can be broadly considered as "all year round" travel destinations, there may be a time of year you'd wish to avoid (e.g. monsoon).


For more on When to Go, visit our climate information page. Of course, if you're uncertain as to when might be suitable for you to travel to Nepal or Bhutan, all you need to do is contact us.



*If you're considering a high altitude trek, these should mostly be considered as "seasonal". At certain times of the year high passes may become impossible/dangerous to cross etc. We will be happy to advise you further on this.

e-mail, or call us on +44 15395 67118 to discuss YOUR HIMALAYAN holiday

From the UK Tel: 01539 567118

See our ABOUT CUSTOMISING A TRIP page for more