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The jungles of Chitwan form the most famous and renowned National Park in Nepal. The big attraction is that fella above, the Bengal Tiger. Chitwan boasts a population of approx 120 tigers. Will you see one? Maybe, just maybe. One thing you can be sure of if you visit Chitwan is that your experienced wildlife guide will be 'watching like a hawk' for tigers (a sighting is special for them too!) and will spot anything in Chitwan long before you do. They are that good!

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Chitwan National Park

To do justice to Chitwan, a couple of days here is desirable. During those two days the sequence of jungle/wildlife related activities will vary, but generally speaking will include...


A river cruise in a dugout type canoe (with seats). This is a great way to see various birds and as you're very likely to see mugger crocodiles on the river you'll realise it's not a good idea to dip your hand in the river.


Jeep safaris will take you deep into the jungle and your 'eagle-eyed' guide will ensure you stop to see whatever it is they have spotted. Don't be surprised if the jeep stops and you get out and then find yourself approaching a rhino on foot.


Usually your accommodation will also provide wildlife lectures/slide shows about Chitwan too.

There are at least 43 species of mammals in Chitwan, over 540 species of birds, around 25 reptile species and who knows how many species of butterflies and other insects....lots.


That's way too many for us to list here! But, we would say that your chances of seeing the likes of rhino, deer and crocodile in particular are high. Other animals you might hope to see include leopard, the sloth bear, rhesus monkeys, striped hyena, gharial and birds.....lots of birds.

Whether wildlife is your principle reason for a Nepal holiday or not, a visit to Chitwan and the Terai region is highly recommended. It is a very different experience to other parts of Nepal you're likely visiting and most certainly helps puts everything in context. We would particularly recommend a safari as part of a Nepal family holiday. Not only is it interesting, it's great fun too.

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Chitwan Accommodation











Barahi Luxury Resort







Into The Wild Resort

Royal Park Hotel

A new, luxurious resort created with style that can now claim to be the top end accommodation in Chitwan. Delightful Tharu style cottages afford boutique rooms located on the banks of the Rapti River afford balcony views. Enjoy a sundowner by the swmming pool in the Tigers Den bar before dinner. The resort also boasts an in-house Spa that offers various Ayurvedic treatments and massage.

'Basic' really is a little harsh. It's between 'basic' and 'quality', we'd say a decent 2* standard. The en suite rooms here are a good size, and afford all the essential creature comforts. There's a large garden area to relax in, open air bar and a nightly Tharu stick dance performed by the locals....and rather good it is too. Unlike our other two Chitwan accommodations, the Royal Park Hotel is in the town of Sauraha itself and is separated from Chitwan itself by a river. It's a very good value option if you'd like to visit Chitwan, but are on a budget.

Peacefully and scenically located  on the banks of the Rapti River river, this eco-resort affords a good standard of accommodation. Bedrooms are located in Tharu Style cottages and are well-appointed and comfortable. There are balconies to sit out on and to enjoy a balmy, sub-tropical evening. Lots of colourful birds visiting the gardens and the nearby Tharu village of Ghatgain to explore too. Complete with bar and restaurant, Into The Wild is a great choice of mid-range accommodation

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