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As well as features about our Nepal & Bhutan tours, we'll also include articles of interest about Nepal& Bhutan too.

By Snow Cat Travel, Mar 4 2018 01:00AM

To become a professional guide with Snow Cat Travel isn’t easy. We only choose the very best ones for our clients.

All Snow Cat Travel guides are both professionally qualified and licensed by the Government of Nepal.

Nepal Trekking Guide and client in Mera Peak
Nepal Trekking Guide and client in Mera Peak

Our Nepal guides are consummate, dedicated professionals. They are certainly not the “off the street hustlers” unqualified guides that backpackers often make the mistake of hiring, “because they are cheap!”

Not only do we hand-pick Snow Cat Travel guides based on qualifications alone, guides are selected only with proven knowledge and experience criteria, but more than that…we look for personality too…a friendly nature with a “can do” attitude. And yes, being able to speak English.

Find out how a guide becomes qualified and meet some our guides too with our WHAT IT TAKES TO BECOME A SNOW CAT TRAVEL GUIDE IN NEPAL article on our WordPress Blog.

By Snow Cat Travel, Feb 25 2018 12:00PM

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ensure our Lonely Planet Nepal Guide Book 2018 author can visit over 300 locations throughout Nepal in under 4 weeks, and provide full logistical support for the authors in depth inspection and research purposes”

“And by the way…it has to be kept secret too”

Mark (L) and Niraj (R) visitng Lonely Planet HQ, London
Mark (L) and Niraj (R) visitng Lonely Planet HQ, London

This was the essence of the challenge presented to Nepal custom tour and trek specialists, Snow Cat Travel.

It’s reasonable to assume too that the world’s most famous travel guide publishers and one of the world’s most recognisable and trusted travel brands want and will insist on the best, when their own brand reputation and integrity is at stake.

Did Snow Cat Travel take on this ‘mission impossible?’

Read all about it on our WordPress blog

By Snow Cat Travel, Feb 9 2018 02:35PM

Everything you need to know in our Nepal Travel Guide

From the high peaks of the Himalayas to the crowded spaces of the Kathmandu Valley and the steamy jungles of the Terai, Nepal is rich in unforgettable experiences. It is home to a beautiful and varied landscape, a wealth of cultural sights, and a diverse people. Here’s everything you need to know, from the capital of Nepal to visa rules.

See the full guide at our Snow Cat Travel WordPress blog

By Snow Cat Travel, Nov 25 2017 10:00AM

Snow Cat Travel at Lonely Planet Headquarters in London
Snow Cat Travel at Lonely Planet Headquarters in London

Here's Mark from our UK based Snow Cat Travel Sales Office (left) and Niraj Shrestha (right) the Chief Executive of the Snow Cat's parent company meeting Joe Bindloss (centre) the Destination Editor of Lonely Planet Guidebooks at Lonely Planet HQ in London.

Lonely Planet are the original, as well as the world's most famous travel guide book publishers and for both the 2018 Lonely Planet Nepal guide and the 2018 Lonely Planet Trekking in Nepal guide, Snow Cat Travel will be listed as a recommended Nepal Trekking Agency.

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