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As well as features about our Nepal & Bhutan tours, we'll also include articles of interest about Nepal& Bhutan too.

By Snow Cat Travel, Dec 3 2017 12:00PM

Our example Nepal Spiritual Holiday includes a stay at Buddhist Monastery. A Nepal spiritual retreat such as this one at Neydo Monastery allows you to take part in Buddhist prayers and rituals with the monks, but also with the bonus of being able to stay ina comfy and welcoming guest house within the monastic complex.

Nepal is very much a spiritual country and one where people travel to perhaps find their own inner peace, with the clutter of their 'own world' far, far away.

By Snow Cat Travel, Oct 3 2017 09:00AM

Nepalese Kids
Nepalese Kids

There are lots of memories that result from a Nepal holiday. The Himalayas, the wildlife of the jungles, culture and heritage, adventure and more.

Nepal is impactful travel at its best and encounters with Nepal's most endearing kids is always a wonderful experience.

Needless to say Nepelase kids are very photogenic and generally rather like having their photograph taken, especially if you let them see the photo on your digital camera too!

By Snow Cat Travel, Aug 14 2017 08:04AM

Places of pilgrimage, spirituality, religious festivals, staying at a Buddhist Monastery, Yoga Retreats and Luxury Wellness. Here’s how you can achieve your own spiritual high.

Spiritual vacations Nepal- Dwarika's Dhulikel Resort
Spiritual vacations Nepal- Dwarika's Dhulikel Resort

Enjoying a spiritual holiday in Nepal is almost part and parcel of being in Nepal by default.

Such is the power of the majestic Himalayas and the ever present influence of both Hinduism and Buddhism in Nepal, that even the most fervent un-spiritual often say they found their time in Nepal to be……!

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