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Fit for a King - The Famous Farm Inn, Nuwakot, Nepal

By Snow Cat Travel, May 17 2016 09:03AM

We were delighted that the former King of Nepal, Gyanendra visited us at our Famous Farm Country Inn at Nuwakot earlier this week.

However, he's not the first person to discover the bucolic rural delights of the hill village of Nuwakot.

You've quite possibly never heard of Nuwakot. It's not on the usual tourist trails and barely gets a mention in most Nepal guide books either.

That's good news really, particularly for anyone who wishes to discover the nirvanic beauty of the real hill village Nepal and one largely unspoilt by tourism.

Former King Gyanendra and staff of the Famous Farm, Nuwakot
Former King Gyanendra and staff of the Famous Farm, Nuwakot

Nuwakot is around 3 hours from Kathmandu by road. And, it's a scenic drive too as you head up and out of the Kathmandu Valley to be greeted by stupendous views of the Langtang Himal from the valley rim. The journey continues as the road that ultimately heads to Langtang descends to the Trisuli River.

Here a single track road detour climbs up through fragrant pine forests to reach dreamy Nuwakot itself. The village, like many Nepal hill villages, is quite a stretched out affair. A series of quaint, traditional homes clinging to the hillside where carefully tended terraced fields grow crops.

There's an ancient fort and a former Royal Palace as well as one of the oldest Hindu temples in Nepal to discover. Local trails lead up a hillside to a fine panoramic viewing point where views extend to the Himalayas and across the Trisuli River Valley far below.

As well as the local school, there's also a small school for deaf, mute children too. Perhaps the only one of its kind in Nepal. The kids here (and the grown ups too) are super friendly and are always happy to meet the handful of tourists who venture here.

In the heart of Nuwakot is our Famous Farm Country Inn, which has arguably put Nuwakot on the map. Around 10 years ago we began converting a derelict authentic Newari Mansion House. Our mission was to both preserve a part of Nepal's rich heritage and provide a means where the local community would benefit from tourism too. Not only in providing work with the renovation project, but also staffing for the Famous Farm as well as ensuring local produce could be purchased too.

The Famous Farm Country Inn, Nuwakot
The Famous Farm Country Inn, Nuwakot

This ambitious project came to fruition and now the Famous Farm affords atmospheric, rustic style accommodation, as well as being a haven of peace and tranquility.

All the guest rooms are en-suite and feature many retained Newari architectural features without sacrficing comfort. There's an open kitchen where you can see delicious, traditional Nepali cuisine being prepared.

But, perhaps the best part of the Famous Farm is its atmosphere. It has its own private gardens, where finding a quiet place to relax is easy. To add to the atmosphere there are small farmyard animals (goats, turkeys, chickens etc) free to roam and perhaps best of all is the fact that the Famous Farm enjoys a southerly aspect meaning it catches the sun all day. So, as it's at a low altitude it's usually quite warm here all year round.

Then there are the views from this delightful hillside location down to the Trisuli River.

It's a great place to visit and stay if you feel like you need to get away from it all and set your clock to the slow pace of life that exists here. The joys of relaxation, but if you can't keep still then the real, rural Nepal is right on your doorstep to explore and experience on foot. Life here in Nuwakot is by and large unchanged, so who knows what you'll come across on your local meandering.

Exploring Nuwakot with Jackson the dog!
Exploring Nuwakot with Jackson the dog!

In the evenings it's usually mild enough to enjoy an al fresco dinner, and as the night time chill approaches you can sit idly by an open fire and perhaos enjoy a chilled beer or a cheeky glass of wine.

It's a great place to spend a couple of days as part of a Nepal Family Holiday too. The kids can enjoy the gardens and the animals whilst Mum and Dad chill out in the sunshine. For a bit of fun, the local kids are always keen to engage with visiting children in their games. It's a great opportunity for the local children to practice their English skills too. Good, clean, harmless fun, but a genuine cultural encounter and educational experience at the same time.

From Nuwakot you can continue your journey into the Langtang Valley and enjoy a Langtang Trek, or even try out rafting on the Trisuli River.

The hardest part will be leaving sleepy Nuwakot and the Famous Farm behind.

Many of our suggested itineraries include a visit to Nuwakot. Even better is that these can all be tailor-made too, meaning that if you want to spend longer at the Famous Farm and Nuwakot, you can.

All you need to do is contact us at : [email protected] and your journey of discovery into the heart of rural Nepal begins.

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