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Unknown Nuwakot, Nepal


Looking for the idyllic, atmospheric, authentic Nepal hill village to experience REAL Nepalese life? Look no've just found it! We'll admit here and now that as far as Nuwakot is concerned we're biased, but that bias is based upon the fact that Nuwakot is just such a beautiful, beautiful place and where we chose to restore a former Newari Mansion and convert it into the Famous Farm Country Inn!




Nuwakot is pretty much 'off the beaten track'.  Mind you, it's a stunning journey of around 4 hours from Kathmandu mostly on the main road that ultimately heads up into the Langtang and then to Tibet . As you reach the top of a 2000m road pass the views of the Himalaya are staggering. Dropping down, down, down, just past the town of Trisuli Bazaar a single track (and recently metalled) road heads up, up, up through scented pine forests and ends at Nuwakot itself.

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WARNING:High risk of Inspiration

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Nuwakot is perched high above the Trisuli River Valley. The views down to the river are dramatic enough, but, there's also the odd snow-capped peak popping out too. The problem is which direction to stare in. The village also has a southerly aspect, and being at a low altitude of around 1400m to  it enjoys the sun all day, but most of the time is neither too hot, nor too cold. Just about right.


One of the joys of being in Nuwakot is the relaxed pace of life, which invites you to "slow down" too and to meet the genuinley friendly locals.


The village is rather more scattered along the hillside. Carefully sculpted terraced fields, tiny (often mud brick) homes and farmsteads and a place where nothing is happening, but everything is going on at the same time.


Nuwakot is just one of those places that is best discovered at 'pottering about' pace. In other words, it's best to move at the same speed as the locals.....slowly. Why rush in a place that you'd half expect to see a 'no rushing' sign?

In 'down town' Nuwakot there's an old Royal Palace, as well as a fort, and an ornate Hindu temple next door to a former Rana building that looks somewhat colonial British in its architecture. That's because the Rana's were inspired by British architecture. All the same it's an interesting sight these two constructions next to each other.


The local school has a football field, if you fancy a kick about with the local kids. But, if the ball goes out of play it can be a very long way down (and then back up again) to get the ball back! There's also a tiny school here for deaf, mute children, who are always ecstatically happy to see visitors.


A bit of brief huffing and puffing gets you to a fine hill top viewpoint with a "this was worth it" panorama. Definitely worth it for either sunset or sunrise.

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We think Nuwakot is very, very special and without exception all of our Snow Cat Travel clients whom have spent a couple of days here agree too.

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