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Unknown unique and different nepal holiday ideas

Unique and Different Nepal Ideas




Mention Nepal to some people and trekking may still be the first thing that springs to mind, although in fact nowadays more people visit Nepal to discover its history and culture and experience the friendly, hospitable nature of the Nepalese people. It used to be that a visit to Nepal remained the domain of those who were able to afford the luxury of being able to spend lengthy periods of time in the country, all the trekking toutes seemed to involve having to spend weeks on end walking.


That the majority of holidaymakers can just about stretch to a fortnights holiday meant Nepal was 'out of reach'.  But, that's all changing now and is partly why you'll find so many of our various itineraries can all be enjoyed within the confines of a two-week holiday. Not only that, but you don't have to visit to Nepal just to go trekking either. Indeed in a two-week holiday you can combine culture and varied activities such as our multi-activity holidays.


But, there are lots of varied and interesting things you can include as part of a tailor-made holiday and if it's possible in Nepal, we can arrange it for you.


Here are some varied, eclectic, different and just plain odd things that you could include on your own holidays. Some already feature in our suggested itineraries, others don't.

Private Helicopter

To Everest

The ultimate thrill ride and Nepal experience. Have your very own private helicopter flight to see Everest and the Himalayas up close and personal.  Fly up to Gokyo and to Everest Base Camp. Land at the famous Everest View Hotel for breakfast and be back in Kathmandu for lunch. Private helicopter charter flights to other locations too. From $4000.

private everest helicopter flights-nepal

 Himalaya by Plane

Everest & Annapurna

Jump on board one of the daily early morning mountain flights into the Himalayas with a guaranteed window seat to view the highest mountains in the world. Flights to see Everest are from Kathmandu, and flights to see the Annapurnas are from Pokhara.

Everest & Annapurna mountain flights-nepal

    Himalayas by


From Pokhara take to the skies in a piloted micro-light and see the entire Annapurna range and beyond. A bit more 'real' than from inside an aeroplane. In a micro-light you'll see a whole lot more, taking fun and excitement to a whole new level too.

zip line - nepal himalayan river rafting-nepal Himalayan para glding - nepal learn to cook nepalese food on holiday home stay holidays and vacations-nepal mountain biking-nepal Himalayan micro light flight - Nepal para hawking - nepal


World's fastest & longest Zip Wire

Himalayan paragliding

Pokhara is fast becoming the paragliding capital of Nepal and with the entire Annpaurna range on view and a couple of good take off sites with vehicle access, it's easy to understand why. Try a tandem paragliding flight with a qualified pilot and lift off on your holidays.

Bring out the daredevil in you in a race down what is claimed to be the world's fastest and longest zip wire at Pokhara. It's reckoned that you can experience speeds up to 90MPH on the mile long, 850m descent down the Sarangkot hillside, Great views too if you can bear to look!

Flying with a difference. Take a tandem para-gliding flight from Pokhara and soar like a bird, with a bird. A trained bird of prey to be precise. Jaw-dropping views of the entire Annapurna range and down below too. Now that's what we call flying Himalayan style

Cook Nepali Style

A day Rafting

A day Mountain Biking

Again, although we offer some serious, committed rafting expeditions you can easily enjoy a one day rafting experience on a Himalayan river. From Kathmandu or Nuwakot, you can take to the waters of the Trisuli River for the day, and from Pokhara the Seti River makes an ideal day excursion.

OK, so we do have mountain biking already in some of our adventure and dedicated mountain bike holidays. But, there's no reason why you can't have a just a day of mountain biking in your Nepal holiday. There are some great day rides in the Kathmandu Valley and around Pokhara too. Try downhill biking with vehicle uplifts if you don't fancy lung bursting climbs.

If you really want to give yourself a big thrill, then a bungee jump may be just the thing. There's a couple of places you can hurl yourself off a bridge in Nepal. From either just outside Pokhara or a full day round trip from Kathmandu close to the Tibetan border.

Bungee Jump

Bungee jumping Nepal

You'll never learn how to make authentic, traditional Nepalese food in a catering school. The best way is to learn how to cook tasty Nepali dishes with a local family. So, if you want to impress your friends with a Nepalese dinner when you get home, we can arrange for you to learn how to from the locals.

Tribal Home Stay

For a truly authentic and genuine cultural experience and most definitely without any 'tourist frills' you can stay with a Tharu family in their very own home - Chitwan region. Spend just a night or more and immerse yourself in Tharu family life.

stay at a buddhist monastery in nepal

Stay at a Buddhist Monastery

Engage in prayers and chants with the Buddhist Monks at the delightful Neydo Monastery in the Kathmandu Valley and spend the night there too in a very comfortable guest house in the monastic complex itself.

Meet the 'Kung Fu Nuns'

Druk Gawa Kung Fu Nuns - Nepal

A day trip from Kathmandu with a difference. Located atop Druk Amitabha hill outside of Kathmandu the Druk Gawa Khilwa Nunnery has a secret. The nuns here practice Kung Fu! Come and see for yourself.

Kathmandu Night Tour

In the evenings most tourists are busy dining, or drinking in the many bars or shopping. But, it's night time and away from the touristy Thamel district that local life emerges in Kathmandu. Enjoy a guided tour of Kathmandu at night time either on foot or in a cycle rickshaw and discover the real Kathmandu life.

Terracotta Pottery Making

activities for kids on holiday in nepal Kathmandu tours

One of those 'looks easy until you try' crafts and here in Bhakatpur their renowned terracotta pottery is all done the hard way, by ancient, traditional methods. So, what better place than to come to Bhaktapur and observe the masters of their art and learn from them 'hands on'.


In Pokhara you can spend a few days attending Yoga classes at a Buddhist Yoga & Meditation centre, or at Namobuddha too. In fact there are not surprisingly quite a few Yoga options in Nepal. Hotels like the Begnas Lake Resort and the luxurious Dwarikas Dhulikel resort offer Yoga classes too. We can arrange Yoga sessions for you dependent upon your desires from just a day to a complete holiday.

Yoga holidays- nepal

Down on the Farm

Farming in Nepal is nothing like farming in  Europe and the USA. Just about everything is done the hard way & often without any mechanisation. Whether you're interested in traditional farming methods, or just fancy trying it out for yourself for a day, we can arrange for you to spend time at a typical Nepalese farm in the Chitwan region, or on the outskirts of Pokhara and in the Kathmandu Valley. You will be expected to get your sleeves rolled up and work hard.

different nepal holiday ideas

Tibetan Carpet Weaving

Why not spend a day learning and observing the traditional art of carpet weaving Tibetan style? Nepal is home to many Tibetan refugees, and it's a fascinating experience watching the women painstakingly make hard-wearing, ornate rug designs in the time-honoured fashion. Certainly if you're thinking of taking a rug home with you, then buying direct means a better price and safe in the knowledge that the weavers are getting a better deal too.

weird nepal holiday ideas

       Evening Prayer


unique nepal holiday ideas

Usually visited in the daytime by tourists as part of their 'Kathmandu Tour', why not visit Pashupatinath in the evening instead? The faithful congregate for evening prayer, the tourist masses are gone and it becomes a much more personal and spiritual experience.

Dinner with a Gurkha

Visit an Astrologer

bizarre nepal holiday ideas traditional nepal holiday ideas

If you're in Pokhara and fancy a very different sort of evening, then how about having dinner in the home and company of a retired Gurkha soldier? Entertaining, informative and enlightening. A wonderful evening of storytelling, friendship and a unique insight into the life of the Gurkha.

Seemingly nothing happens in Nepal without consulting an astrologer. Whether you're just curious or a firm believer in all things auspiscious, you can combine & pass some time whilst in Kathmandu by visiting a Nepalese Astrologer to see what the future holds for you.

Hand-Crafted to Perfection

tailor made nepal holidays & custom bhutan vacations Support Rural Nepal Charity Trek Support Rural Nepal

15 Days - October 6th 2017 to October 21st 2017 - "Join a Group" Tour


Adventure - Create - Contribute - Flourish - Not for Profit Tour


A unique trip and a unique opportunity. Join Peter Stuckey - The Eccentrekker- This is no ordinary tour! You will be able to “Make a Difference” to the lives of people in Nepal "hands on" and to your own life too! This is a “not for profit” tour that will benefit the “Support Rural Nepal” project and the price includes a financial contribution towards this benevolent, ongoing project. Enjoy a short trek in the amazing Annapurnas staying in luxury trekking lodges every night, relax at lake side Pokhara, then take part in a support project in the Newari hill town of Bandipur.

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