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Unknown Mustang Treks and Tours


Once known as the Kingdom of Lo, the Upper Mustang region of Nepal was famously off limits to all foreigners until the 1990's.  However, even now Mustang remains a restricted area beyond Kagbeni and special, rather costly permits are still required for anyone who wishes to explore these other wordly landscapes. For many, the lure of the fabled walled city of Lo Manthang has been the goal. That it required days of arduous trekking over high passes to reach meant that for many, forbidden or otherwise, reaching Lo Manthang was simply a pipe dream. Of course the permit cost deters many also, but all of this keeps Mustang special and special it is. This unforgiving, high altitude mountain desert is quite unlike any other part of Nepal as it lies behind the Himalayas on the Tibetan Plateau. Protected from the monsoon by the Himalayas means that this is an arid landscape carved by the winds of Central Asia. Weirdly shaped eroded cliffs coloured by striking earth pigmentation in variations of ochre, red, amber, blue and brown suggest that this could be Mars. Scattered, white-painted villages, Tibetan monasteries and ancient wayside inns, a legacy of hundreds of years of cross-border trading, just seem to blend perfectly with the hostile, barren mountainscapes of Mustang.


Upper Mustang remains the destination of choice for the adventurous Himalayan connoisseur.


But, some things are changing. A rough and bumpy jeep road now exists meaning that trekking is no longer the only option. However, this wild and unforgiving land has not been tamed, even by 4WD a Mustang Jeep Tour is an adventurous and often challenging journey.


We have suggested itineraries below that explore both Upper and Lower Mustang. We consider Upper Mustang to be beyond Kagbeni to Lo Manthang and Lower Mustang to be Kagbeni down into the Kali Gandaki and to Thasang. Lower Mustang trips don't need a restricted area permit and venture as far as Kagbeni, yet they too still afford a glimpse of Upper Mustang.


Don't forget that our Mustang treks and Mustang Tours can all be tailor-made too.

All meals 'on tour' included

Treks, Tours and Multi-Activity Adventures

Mustang Jeep tours to Lo Manthang, Nepal

Mustang Jeep Tour to Lo Manthang


                                          13  days

The impossible is now possible. A private journey by 4WD vehicle into the forbidden kingdom of Upper Mustang and to the fabled, remote walled capital of Lo Manthang. Now you can discover the land behind the Himalayas without trekking and travel across the high passes of the Tibetan plateau by jeep to discover this famously 'off limits' other worldly, wild landscape.

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Forbidden Mustang

The Mustang Raid

Mustang Magic Luxury Trek

              14 Days - Challenging

The classic Mustang trek. After flying up to Jomsom, this incredible trek into Upper Mustang crosses high mountain passes to reach legendary Lo Manthang. Turning around the trek then follows a different return route maximising this on foot exploration of the Mustang region.

                 13 Days - Moderate

A multi-activity adventure that travels through the Lower Mustang region from Kagbeni to Muktinath and then down through the incredible Kali Gandaki beneath Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. There's mountain biking, a day trek, rafting, paragliding and even the world's longest, fastest zip wire in this action packed, fun adventure.

             9 Days - Easy/Moderate

Pleasant day walks from both Kagbeni and Thasang on this gentler walking holiday in the Lower Mustang region. Utilising the limited higher standard trekking lodges in the area (proper beds and en-suite) is a bonus. Spectacular views of the Nilgiris, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, as well as a vista up the Kali Gandaki a a day hike into Upper Mustang too.

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See more of Mustang in this wonderful, short video filmed in 2015

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