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Heli-trekking in the Himalayas is the latest thing! Pretty much most of our treks can be converted into a Himalayan heli-trek. Using a private helicopter for a Himalayan trek means you can get into the mountains much, much quicker. A heli-trek in Nepal can (if you want) get you into some of the far flung, rarely visited parts of Nepal. Difficult to reach places too.


"In & Out"!


Not only can you get into the mountains much quicker, you can also get back out of the mountains much quicker too. For example, on a heli-trek to the Everest region you could miss out the repetitive hike all the way back to Lukla by having a helicopter pick you up at a suitable landing location much higher up. This could save you several days walking. Very handy if you're pushed for time.


Needless to say the flights themselves on Nepal helicopter treks are pretty dramatic too.

All our suggested treks can become a Himalayan Heli-Trek.The best way to make the most of heli-trekking in Nepal is to talk to us!

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WARNING:High risk of Inspiration

Everest Heli-Trekking

See how you can trek to Everest Base Camp within a two week holiday!