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About our holiday pricing

For each and every itinerary displayed on our website we provide a guide line price along with what that price includes.

All prices displayed are PER PERSON. The prices displayed were correct at 26/05/17and based on a private party of Four Persons* travelling together in low season on a twin share basis. Pricing is shown as $US Dollars, £GBP Sterling UK and €Euro's for indicative purposes. All payments will be in $US only. We used the conversion rates from between 24/05/17-26/05/17. So, please use the prices we have displayed purely for guide lines purposes only as there are various factors (even if you choose an itinerary exactly as it is published) that can affect the actual price for your own private party's holiday. It's actually very rare that a party books a holiday itinerary precisely as published, because we tailor make holiday itineraries precisely to each individual party requirements. It may be that additional excursions and days are added, or removed, accommodation upgraded or downgraded, the size of the party is different, use of overland travel instead of internal flights, a different included meals requirement etc etc etc.

For your chosen Nepal or Bhutan Holiday Programme we will provide you with an up to date quote based specifically on your own private party and the exact final itinerary you choose.

*We chose to display the price based on a private party of four as historically this is the mean average size of private parties we have managed. We're sure you'll appreciate that the cost per person for (say) a party of just two persons for the exact same itinerary would be higher and equally if it were a private party of (say) ten persons for the same itinerary the cost per person would be lower. This is because some costs involved in the itinerary are 'shared' e.g. a guide. Here the overall cost of the guide is the same whether it's just two persons or ten persons. Both parties still needed a guide, and the cost of the guide is thus divided by two or ten.

We are naturally more than happy (and well used to) providing various itinerary quotes until we arrive at a final itinerary and price that you are happy with. Generally speaking we can provide you with a quotation in $US Dollars and the operator accept payments in $US Dollars only. A quotation given to you will remain valid for 30 days from the date of issue. This quotation will be based up on the proposed dates of travel, the number of people in your party, the goods and services within the itinerary and the relevant exchange rate at the time the quotation was issued. Should there be any changes, then we would provide you with a further quotation. We do appreciate that you'll only want to book your Himalayan holiday with us when everything is as you would like it to be. We are tailor-made Himalayan specialists after all and we do understand that sometimes it takes a wee while to reach an itinerary that you are satisfied with. Don't worry about this. Firstly you only pay for the holiday itself, and we also want your holiday itinerary to be perfect for you too, so if it does require submitting various itineraries, amending them, tweaking them here and there etc to us that is what a tailor made holiday specialist should be prepared to do willingly.


In particular our suggested itineraries will often feature specific hotels. This is partly to demonstrate the different levels of accommodation in such locations, although the itinerary cost will be reflective of that accommodation and the 'style' of the itinerary over all.


These hotels can be readily changed to suit your requirements and we will provide you with an up to date quotation based upon your accommodation level desires.


Please noteprices DO NOT INCLUDE card payment fees (Debit Card & Credit Card) and any charges your bank may make if paying by bank transfer. Regrettably commission charges for credit and debit cards are higher than many European & North American countries in Nepal and we are unable to absorb these costs. So, for any payments transacted by credit/debit card a 4% commission will be charged in addition.

Here are some things we thought might be useful to you when considering the costs of a Tailor Made Himalayan holiday

The Number of People in Your Party

Of course the itinerary you decide upon and all it contains itself is what really creates the cost of your holiday, but the cost per person will vary dependent upon the number of people travelling in your party. So, an identical holiday for one person costs much more per person than it would if there were sixteen people all travelling together. This is because some costs in the holiday are 'shared' e.g. guide, private transport etc.


The level of accommodation

The costs of accommodation play a significant role in the overall cost of your holiday. Whilst accommodation in Nepal/Bhutan is most likely cheaper than that of a similar standard in your own country, it is still by and large the biggest part of the total holiday cost. That doesn't mean that we're suggesting you need to worry about 'slumming it'. The cost of some five star hotels in Nepal & Bhutan is quite possibly the same as the cost of a three star hotel in the UK. But clearly it's advisable to also be realistic and not dream about a total luxury holiday in Bhutan or Nepal if your bank is telling you to go easy. Needless to say though, that in Nepal & Bhutan deluxe hotels are not everywhere either. It's really only the main urban and tourist areas where you'll find luxury levels of accommodation. Of course in the Everest and Annapurna regions of Nepal there are luxury trekking lodges . These are naturally more expensive than the teahouse/standard trekking lodges. Certainly we hope that when helping to plan your holiday we'll be able to talk with one another and by doing so we'll be able to manage your expectations much better and needless to say advise you as best we can. Certainly (dependent upon the itinerary itself) we can always give you costs using various levels of accommodation where there are options.


Perhaps just like in your own country everything in your capital city seems to cost more than elsewhere. In our capital city, Kathmandu, it's just the same. In some ways it's difficult to avoid time in Kathmandu, and certainly if it's your first visit to Nepal then quite probably you'll want to have a day or two in Kathmandu. But, generally speaking the more days you spend in Kathmandu the more this affects the over all cost of your holidays. A very rough example being that one night in a luxury Kathmandu Hotel like Dwarika's can cost the same as 5-6 days trekking (inc. all the trekking costs-accommodation, meals, guide, porters). To a slightly lesser degree the same principle applies to the Pokhara area too, particulalrly as it's our number one tourist resort.


For Kathmandu in particular we focus on three different hotels and the cost of these hotels is reflected by their standard.





SHANKER - Upper mid-range


THE KGH - mid-range


By no means are you restricted to these particular hotels. We work with many other hotels in Kathmandu.




Your travel dates

Just like most tourist destinations there are peak and low seasons. Our main season is October - April, and October and November tend to be the busiest months. It is perhaps the cost of your international flights to and from Nepal that are affected most by your travel dates and usually significantly much more than the effect on the cost of your holiday in Nepal itself. In Kathmandu particularly, prices are about the same all year round. But, elsewhere in Nepal accommodation rates during the monsoon are often a little lower.

Meal Plan

Generally throughout our published, suggested itineraries (for Nepal) we include all meals on trek (or other activities in the mountains) and at other locations too, with the exception of when in Kathmandu and Pokhara. We find that this is helpful to our clients when considering their over all holiday budget. Indeed, in many locations there aren't any other options or they are very limited. By including meals in these places saves you the problem of carrying large amounts of cash to pay for meals as you go, or even worse running out of cash when the nearest bank of ATM could be many days away. It is of course entirely up to you, your holiday will be tailor-made to suit your wishes and along with that we can include/exclude meals too. As there is such a range of eating out options in Kathmandu & Pokhara that can invariably satisfy most tastes and budgets, we tend to include breakfast only here. Most restaurants in Kathmandu & Pokhara can accept card payments, and as there are many ATM's & Banks in both cities you can always take out what you'll need in these locations too. Again, it's up to you. If you prefer to have meals in Kathmandu and Pokhara included, that's OK too. In Bhutan, meals have to be included as part of the daily minimum tariff- for more on this, please click here.

Hand-Crafted to Perfection


We fully realise that Bhutan holidays are considerably more costly than Nepal holidays in comparison. If you're not already conversant with why this is, basically it's due to the Daily Minimum Tariff that ALL tourists visiting Bhutan must pay. This not a tax or a visa cost, it is the minimum amount any tourist must pay on a per person per day basis whilst in Bhutan. Certain services must be included within this cost and you can find out more about this here and also our Bhutan Facts page too. But as with Nepal, the larger the size of your private party, the cost per person for a Bhutan holiday does decrease, although not to the same extent or increment as in Nepal. Additionally in Bhutan the daily minimum tariff is increased for parties of less than three. Quite simply those are the rules imposed and regulated by the Govt of Bhutan. Whilst it is now possible to upgrade to 4* & 5* hotels in Bhutan, the additional costs of upgrades are not included in the minimum daily tariff charge.

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